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Abdominal Ultrasound In Turkey, Cost, Procedure & Everything You Need to Know

The abdominal scan is the examination or a scan of the patient's abdominal area. The abdominal ultrasound includes both the upper and lower abdominal assessment for stones, tumors, perforations, or injuries. This technique is also known as abdominal echography in which the sonologist quickly examines the midline vascular structures, internal organs, and glands.


abdominal ultrasound procedure


The abdominal scan is a painless scanning procedure and quite common as it is used for versatile organ detailing. Get an abdominal ultrasound in Turkey at a relatively low cost from other places in the world. Read more to find out how!

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Types Of Abdominal Ultrasound In Turkey

You might be asked to undergo different types of abdominal ultrasounds based on your medical condition. For example, ultrasonography is recommended for the upper and lower abdominal region. The regions that an examiner detects during an upper abdominal ultrasound are the gall bladder, liver, pancreas, spleen, kidney, and adrenal glands. Lower abdominal ultrasound can study the bladder, ureter, prostate, and seminal vesicles.

What Is Whole Abdominal Ultrasound & How Is It Done?

Ultrasound of the abdomen is performed to detect and study all the muscles, organs, and blood vessels in the abdomen area. Abdominal ultrasound gives a diverse diagnosis, especially in cases of severe abdominal pain so that the patient is quickly subjected to the long-term management of underlying disease.


abdomen area


There are several reasons why doctors recommend an abdominal ultrasound. For example, blood in urine, sputum, and vomitus. Here, abdominal ultrasound is helpful to have an image of the muscle to identify which area is affected.

Reasons Why Abdominal Echography Is Recommended

  • To study liver conditions

  • To see images of the gallbladder for gallstones

  • To detect abnormalities in the pancreas 

  • To detect kidney stones

  • To examine the spleen 

  • To examine the bladder and identify any issues 

  • To detect the presence of fluid accumulation 

  • To study the effects of abdominal surgeries

Risk Associated With Ultrasound Of The Abdomen

The whole abdominal ultrasound doesn't have known risks or associated side effects, so you are not likely to have any side effects after the treatment. The treatment is expected to be done for pregnant women. 

The development of the fetus has several stages during pregnancy, and it's important to keep a record and do regular checkups throughout the pregnancy. That's where the abdominal ultrasound is useful and helps doctors understand the unborn baby's health.

Abdominal Ultrasound Price In Turkey 

As you know, the abdominal ultrasound procedure is a versatile method that is recommended for various reasons. Therefore, the abdominal ultrasound price depends on which type of ultrasound you are undergoing. Moreover, the cost of abdominal ultrasound varies based on the hospital, clinic, and doctors you choose for the diagnosis and treatment. 

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Important To Know!

The abdominal ultrasound is an imaging technique used to identify diseases and spot the condition of organs in the abdomen area. The abdominal ultrasound test is a painless surgery. The treatment uses sound waves, so it's not harmful, or painful.

Abdominal ultrasound is usually recommended in the first trimester (12 weeks) of pregnancy which is the first ever look of the developing baby from inside the mother’s womb.

For irregular menstruation, transvaginal ultrasound is recommended which tells the physiological changes in the endometrium and ovary during this phase.

Ultrasound of the abdomen is hardly a half an hour long procedure performed by a sonologist, radiologist, urologist, or gastroenterologist.

Abdominal ultrasound is ideally performed on a fasting stomach so that the gas buildups do not interfere with the results.

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