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The visitors are requested to read the following Terms & Conditions carefully. By using or accessing this website, you agree to the Terms of services being provided on this platform. Zeoby reserves the right to amend or modify these Terms & Conditions at any time in its discretion. Your continued use of this site upon modifying these Terms & Conditions confirms your acknowledgment. 

Our Services

Zeoby provides and facilitates online medical appointments connecting users to healthcare professionals and medical service providers. By booking an appointment through this site, the users acknowledge and agree that they are directly getting connected with the service providers which may include hospitals, clinics, medical staff, and travel arrangement bodies. The users also acknowledge that our platform does not endorse any warranties regarding any accuracy, completeness, or any information provided by the service providers on-site or otherwise. 

Zeoby holds no liability for the actions of these service providers, however, it aims to connect the users with renowned and qualified healthcare providers, medical organizations, and trusted tour planners. The medical provider can charge the customer directly for all medical services. Zeoby serves to facilitate the communication between the service providers and the users. 

License & Copyrights

The site and all its contents including the information, data, software, graphics, and other files are the propriety possession of Zeoby, its licensors, or the affiliates. The customers are granted limited access to use the site’s information as a hard copy only for their informational, non-commercial, or personal use. Such access does not include any commercial use of the site material that may contain listings of the provider, information, graphics, and mining of the data. Any use of the site material for commercial purposes without written permission from the authority violates the copyright and trademark laws. 

Third-Party Content

Zeoby may provide content of third parties on site including the links to their web pages as a service to those interested. Zeoby neither holds endorsement, adaptation, or control of any third-party content nor does it warrant or represent any completeness or accuracy of third-party services. The update and reviews of third parties are not undertaken by our site. The use of third-party information or content is at the user’s own risk. Though Zeoby may run advertisements from the relevant service providers or other third parties which may include their products, links, or services display. The customer’s own business dealings, correspondence, or participation with the service providers or third parties is solely between those two bodies. Zeoby will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred as a consequence of such dealings between the user and third parties.

User Obligations

The users are obliged to provide authentic and updated information to the suppliers, service providers, and third parties through our site to be able to attain an uninterrupted flow of processes. The users are entitled to delete and update the respective information if they breach this obligation. By correcting the provided information, the users take into account their legitimate interests. Wrong information for manipulation can temporarily or permanently block the user’s account and access to the site. If the third parties made any claims against the user in response to the faulty breach of obligations, the user is obliged to compensate the site against the claims and costs if any. Zeoby has the right to incur third-party claims and costs following legal defense. 

Data Protection

To get the benefits of Zeoby’s services, the users are required to provide their personal information so that the suppliers may assist them in healthcare services and medical tourism. The user’s personal data is kept confidential and is stored in our protected database which is only accessible by authorized bodies. The users can withdraw their personal and medical information at any time upon request. See our Privacy Policy for data collection, usage, processing, and protection insights.

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