Privacy Policy

Protection of Personal Information

Zeoby keeps the personal information of the customers confidential and restricts its transmission to third parties without authorization. Transfer of information in situations of an emergency or due to legal reasons falls under exceptions. Selling or renting any sort of personal information for a customer's identification is not practiced, nor the personal identification data is forwarded to third parties. Zeoby may be required to provide the statistical data of the customers to third parties which does not contain personal data.

The customer's information is stored in secure databases, hence data safety is ensured. The user's personal information remains protected from unauthorized access or disclosure. Zeoby uses standard security measures to protect the user's personal information through encryption technologies and secure servers. Any sensitive information such as credit card data is secured using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for the encryption of credit card information at the moment of transaction. 

Collection of Data

The personal information of the customer is collected while booking or during inquiries. It may include their name, contact information, medical history, and relevant information based on the treatment and travel plans. Taking information while inquiries ensures smooth appointments and the progression of the entire process.

The customers agree to complete a medical review once the appointment is completed. Their reviews can be published on the company's website. 

If the customers want to receive offers related to treatments and medical tourism, they voluntarily subscribe to the newsletter by providing their email. Subscription to a newsletter is not an automated process and the customer can unsubscribe to it any time. 

The purpose of data collection is to:

Sharing Information

Third parties or individuals may get employed to facilitate the website while serving on the company's behalf and perform the website-related services. These may include maintenance, database management, improving the features, web analytics, and related assistance. The customer's relevant data is accessible to the third parties only to conduct the necessary tasks that too on the obligation of not disclosing or using the data for any other purpose.

The information is also shared with the healthcare provider and internal partners who are precisely providing the service such as facilitating the appointment, processing the payments, and customer support etc. Healthcare providers, travel agents, and industry-related personnel need the basic information of the customer to facilitate smooth services. All the necessary information is disclosed as needed by law or to protect the company's legal rights. 

Installation of Cookies

For a smooth and efficient visitor experience, storage of small information on the user's device in the form of cookies is necessary. The cookies are installed in order to collect anonymous information that may include IP address, ISP, version of the browser, language preferences, time zone, and geographic location of the user. This information is solely applied in analyzing the functionality of the website such as the number of visits and page views which helps in further optimization of the site. Installing cookies completely shuns collecting personal information. However, the visitor can avoid getting the suggestion of installing cookies by modifying the cookies settings in their web browser.

Usage of Google Analytics

Cookies are used by Google for the analysis of user experience on the website. Google Analytics is additionally used as a tool by the site owners which gives information on how the site was navigated upon getting a visit. The cookies generate data regarding the use of the website which includes the visitor's IP address and is stored and transmitted by Google. Google then compiles the reports of the visitor's activity on the website. This information may be shared with third parties by Google in particular cases if legal obligations or where the third parties and the publisher are processing this data on behalf of Google itself. 

Change of Privacy Policy

The company reserves the right to amend or modify the Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice in compliance with the regulations and laws. The website holds the changes made to the policy and the new terms will be displayed or pop up on the web page for the customers to view, accept, and proceed with them.

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