VM Medical Park Pendik Hastanesi

A wide range of healthcare services is available at VM Medical Park Pendik. Which provides services from cardiology, neurosurgery, gynecology, and obstetrics to stroke centers, with physician staff, multiple diagnostic approaches, innovative medical treatment, patient-oriented services, and highly advanced diagnosis and treatment facilities.
The hospital has set the specialized standard for comprehensive health care services with more than 100 physicians, 400 beds, 10 operating theaters, and 63 critical care beds, the hospital is equipped to provide a wide range of medical needs. 
VM Medical Park Pendik's dedicated team includes professionals, physicians, and staff who offer 24/7 patient-oriented services. Notably, some physicians even work on the night shift to serve the patients around-the-clock care. Moreover, the services are available up to 23:00, to ensure outstanding medical services, first-rate facilities, and compassionate care in the daytime due to the busy working schedules. 

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