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4D Ultrasound In Turkey: How It Works, Prices, And Everything You Need to Know

The 4D Ultrasound is the latest technology that generates pictures of the internal organs of the body using sound waves. The 4D ultrasound procedure is relatively standard during pregnancy. 

The 4D ultrasound in Turkey is a more advanced version of the 3D Ultrasound, commonly used as a traditional ultrasound method in the hospital industry. The 4D pregnancy ultrasound creates a continuous image more like a moving image that tracks the baby's movements inside the womb.

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What Does The 4D Ultrasound Procedure Do?

The 4D ultrasound is a process of image creation using sound waves. 3D ultrasound can only make a 3D image of a baby in the womb. Whereas the 4D ultrasound is handy and accurate as the assessments are made with the help of a video-like effect through which you can easily see your baby's body movements. You can also see them yawning or smiling. According to ultrasound gynecology experts, the 4D pregnancy ultrasound procedure is safe and helps doctors do your baby's regular checkups.

How Is the 4D Ultrasound Procedure Done?

The 4D ultrasound, or elective ultrasound, is a sensitive method in which a gel is applied to the tummy of a pregnant woman, which helps carry the sound waves for the fetal examination. To start the process, the doctor will hold a probe against the belly, moving it around to extract the image and track the baby's movement.

Benefits Of The 4D Ultrasound Technique


4d pregnancy ultrasound


The 4D ultrasound technology may not be recommended in every case of pregnancy, but it has some benefits over traditional examination techniques. These include:

  • Quick diagnosis of potential diseases and efficient heart screening can be done
  • You can see the face, movement, and even smile of your baby by capturing live videos
  • Identification of birth defects and deformities
  • Assurance of fetal well-being

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4D Ultrasound Turkey

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Important To Know!

The 4D ultrasound gives clear visibility of the fetal face, breathing movements, movement of the facial features such as eye-blinking, as well as the direction of the limbs.

The gestational week between 26 to 33 is the ideal time for a 4D ultrasound as it gives clear images of the baby, but it can also be carried out earlier.

4D ultrasound is safe for both the mother and the baby as it’s performed by a practitioner. It is called a keepsake ultrasound because it’s usually carried out on the parents’ wish to see the developing baby without any clinical needs.

Gender identification by ultrasound is typically made between 11 to 20th weeks of pregnancy. The accuracy of the result depends upon the position of the baby in the mother’s womb.

The apparatus needed to perform a 4D ultrasound such as the transducers is expensive and therefore is recommended only if necessary. The cost of a 4D Ultrasound in Turkey depends on several factors, the healthcare facility and your location are one of them.

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