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Abdominal Scan In Turkey: Hospitals, Cost, And Everything You Need To Know

The abdominal scan, also known as abdominal ultrasound, is a scanning procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to examine the inside of your abdominal area. An abdominal scan in Turkey is a famous imaging test used to create images and check the structure of the abdominal muscles. 


abdominal scan procedure

The abdominal scan is known by different names such as abdominal CT scan, abdominal pelvic CT scan, lower abdominal scan, etc. The process uses advanced sound wave technology that takes a picture of blood vessels and organs in your belly, which doctors read to identify the disease. One Common term that is used interchangeably with ultrasound is the sonogram. The word sonogram refers to the image produced by the test.

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Why Abdominal Scan Procedure Is Done?

The abdominal scan is a versatile scanning method used for multiple reasons. Firstly, the abdominal scan is done based on the recommendation of your healthcare provider or before you undergo any abdominal surgery like 3D bioprinting, abdominal hernia, and abdominal sculpture.

Moreover, an abdominal scan is commonly done in women to check the development of the fetus during pregnancy. The abdominal scan also examines the pancreas, liver, gall bladder, spleen, kidneys, and blood vessels.

Which Areas Are Detected By Abdominal Ultrasound?

An abdomen scan is a versatile method to assess the structure and organs within the abdominal muscle. Ultrasound technology helps display the image of underlying muscles and organs in the belly to understand any suspected disease. An abdominal ultrasound can detect:

  • Kidney stones
  • Kidney disease
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Enlarged spleen
  • Gallstones
  • Bladder stones
  • Abdomen Aortic Aneurysm
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Cholecystitis 

Procedure Of Abdominal Scan

The abdominal scan is not a complicated procedure and involves: 

  • Application of the gel

    A skin-friendly gel is applied to the area to be examined to ensure the smooth working of the ultrasound probe.

  • Moving the probe over your skin

    Once the gel is applied, your doctor will gently place and move the ultrasound probe over your belly to visually examine your abdominal muscles.

  • The patient is asked to follow the instruction

    You are advised to follow the doctor’s instructions as they might ask you to turn sides or to hold your release your breath for a few seconds to make precise identification. 

    Another test, known as a Doppler ultrasound, is needed for blood vessel examination in which Doppler sound waves are used to track the blood flow across your blood vessels.


Cost Of Abdominal Scan In Turkey? 

Abdominal surgery is done by professional healthcare experts in highly maintained clinics and hospitals. The abdominal scan price in Turkey varies based on a couple of factors. The abdominal scan cost depends on what kind of services you are getting, your location, and the healthcare facility. As a Zeoby client, we provide you with an affordable Abdominal scan in Turkey. Explore our health consultancy and medical tourism services which make both the treatment and travel convenient for you.

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Important To Know!

The gestational sac starts to appear after 6th week of pregnancy which is visible in ultrasound. For early examination of the embryo, a transvaginal ultrasound is performed in which the location and position of the embryo are seen through images.

Infertility is assessed by the transabdominal ultrasound which tells the orientation, shape, and size of the uterus. Moreover, this ultrasound also examines the endometrium, myometrium, and ovaries

It hardly takes 30 minutes to perform the abdominal scan. The patient is laid on his back while the probe is run over his abdomen after the application of gel. The examiner observes the images on the screen while moving the probe around the abdomen.

In an abdominal scan, the organs inside the abdominal cavity are examined. Whereas, a pelvic scan examines the reproductive organs.

An abdominal scan or ultrasound does not detect infections or ulcers, but it can find the damage done by infections. Endoscopy is the technique used to detect infections and ulcers.

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