Alzheimer's Disease


Neurodegenerative Diseases: Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment In Turkey

Alzheimer’s disease is a neuropsychiatric disorder that affects learning and memory, usually in people who cross their 60’s. In Alzheimer’s, there’s a decline in nerve cells (neurons) which impacts a person’s thought patterns and memory. Know more about Alzheimer’s disease causes, symptoms, and treatments and how to go for Alzheimer's disease treatment in Turkey.

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What Is Alzheimer's Disease?

Alzheimer’s is a medical condition of the brain that causes a decline in memory in the elderly and affects the capability to carry out simple day-to-day tasks. It’s one of the most common causes of dementia (memory loss). 


Dementia is one of the neurodegenerative conditions in which there is a decline in cognitive functioning leading to difficulty in remembering things. People with dementia experience changes in their personalities and difficulty in performing daily activities such as understanding the visuals.

What Causes Alzheimer’s Disease?

The human brain is made up of 100 billion cell nerve cells and other cells apart. Together these nerve cells work to send and receive excitatory and inhibitory signals to and from muscles and the brain. That’s how our brain performs day-to-day activities.


alzheimer's early symptoms


The abnormal buildup of proteins in the brain develops Alzheimer's disease. These proteins include amyloid protein and tau protein. When the combination of proteins in the brain forms large masses or plaques. The twisted fibers from one protein form tangles, which block the signals and communication among neurons. This slow and progressive death of nerve cells leads to Alzheimer's disease. Moreover, memory loss treatment strategies can tackle Alzheimer’s early symptoms. 

Alzheimer’s Disease Medication

The Alzheimer's disease medications are prescribed based on the stages of Alzheimer's disease. Some important medications that treat Alzheimer’s are:

Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors

These medicines help in increasing the level of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter involved in learning and muscle memory, cognitive, and involuntary functions. This class of drugs is prescribed by a practicing neurologist and treats mild to moderate symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.


Memantine slows down neuronal toxicity by blocking the activity of glutamate which is an excitatory neurotransmitter. The medicine is used to manage moderate to severe stages of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. 

If a patient is already taking acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, then intake of memantine is not suitable.

Symptoms of Mild Stage Alzheimer’s Disease 

  • Difficulty in finding the right words to describe the situations, thoughts, or feelings
  • Misplacing or losing things more than often
  • Difficulty in making plans or organizing 
  • Taking longer than usual to complete daily tasks

Symptoms of Moderate Stage Alzheimer’s Disease 

This stage is the longest of all stages and can last for a few years

  • Short-term memory loss
  • Confusion
  • Forgetting names and numbers
  • Difficulty in recognizing friends & family
  • Repeating stories
  • Constant anxiety and depression
  • Need help with grooming such as taking a shower

Symptoms of Severe Stage Alzheimer’s Disease 

  • Memory loss to a huge extent
  • Lack of awareness of the surroundings
  • Need help in doing basic daily activities (sitting up, standing or walking)
  • Loss of ability to communicate properly
  • Vulnerability to infectious diseases

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Important To Know!

The factors contributing to the cause of Alzheimer's disease include age, family history, environment, and lifestyle. The risk of developing Alzheimer’s varies from person to person.

As Alzheimer's is an age-related brain disorder, there are no obvious prevention strategies for it. However, a healthy lifestyle such as avoiding smoking, regular exercise, and a healthy diet contribute to keeping a person from Alzheimer's, dementia, and other mental illnesses.

Intake of green leafy vegetables, whole grains like beans, nuts, fruits, olive oil, fish, and a Mediterranean diet helps strengthen the mind and its activities. In addition to that, fried food, butter and margarine, cheese, red meat, and sweets should be avoided.

Apart from the patient’s medical history, physical symptoms, and cognitive function tests, neurologists perform brain imaging tests, CSF, and blood tests to be sure of the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

Dementia arises from Alzheimer’s. The symptoms of Alzheimer’s appear after the progression of this disease and therefore early symptoms should be keenly observed and reported. When the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s get severe, the person develops dementia.

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