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Everything You Need To Know About 360 Liposuction in Turkey

360 liposculpture is one of the most popular surgeries in the USA, UK, Turkey, and all over the globe. With liposuction 360 surgery, you can quickly achieve that dreamy, curvy, and slim body you have always desired. double-sided liposuction is a process of removing extra fat from the body through surgery. This results in a more petite and curvy body shape.


stomach 360° liposuction


The stomach 360 liposuction in Turkey is an advanced version of traditional liposuction. The new version is similar to the traditional one, but it is more advanced & effective. Both processes address equal body parts such as arms, thighs, and abdomen to remove fat. But what makes 360 liposuction different from others is that with liposculpture 360, patients can easily get fat removed from other parts of the body. Get and slimmer and sleeker body that you’ve always wished to have.

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What Areas Are Good For Double-Sided Liposuction Surgery?

Stomach 360 liposuction is a modern and advanced treatment that utilizes and sculpts the middle and lower back, both sides of the flanks, and upper and lower abdominal regions.

Liposculpture 360 Vs Double-Sided Liposuction - Istanbul

Liposculpture 360 and double-sided liposuction refer to the same process of suction fat treatment, which involves removing fat from unwanted areas in the body. Both terms are interchangeably used in the UK, USA, Turkey, and worldwide. Here are some other standard terms that are used for 360 liposuctions are:

  • Liposculpture 360
  • 360 arm liposuction
  • Stomach 360 liposuction
  • Suction fat treatment

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For Liposuction Surgery?

First, it is essential to understand that liposuction surgery is not a surgery for the treatment of obesity. The primary objective of this surgery is to get rid of extra fat, sculpt the body shape, and carve an aesthetically pleasing body. 

Anyone with a BMI (Body Mass Index) between 28 and 30 is fit for 360 liposuction treatment. People with excessive fat and irregular body shape are also suitable for this surgery. You must know that 360 liposculpture is a contradiction for patients without elastic skin or who have previously undergone any skin surgery. 

Note: Such patients can contact cosmetic surgery experts and seek medical advice from professional skin experts or plastic surgeons before enrolling for any such procedure.  

Before And After Liposuction 360


before and after liposuction 360


How Soon Can I Get The Results Of Liposuction?

You can start observing results in just 2-3 days of the treatment, and recovery time might differ from person to person. The patient is advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet after surgery. This practice is crucial as it prevents fat tissue accumulation.

360 Liposuction Turkey Cost, Location & Best Clinic  

The 360-liposuction costs depend on the services you are getting, from a particular clinic and the aesthetician. Zeoby is a professional medical consultation company linked with professional healthcare providers and hospitals. With offices in Istanbul and Antalya, we provide the best 360-degree liposuction services to patients all around the globe. 

Liposuction Antalya Clinics

Keeping the primary goal of removing fat at focus, the healthcare experts in our contracts focus on liposculpture to ensure a smooth view and shape of your body.  

Here at Zeoby, we connect you with the best healthcare professionals, doctors, and aestheticians providing the finest surgery of liposuction 360. Book our services and get everything included while you’re off the roads for 360 liposuction in Turkey such as airport reception, hotel accommodation, transport, surgery cost, transfers, and complementary services. Want to get teleconsultation directly with professional doctors? Fill out the form, and we will call you by ourselves.

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Important To Know!

The procedure takes around 1 or 2 hours to complete depending on the number of areas that need treatment. It takes more or less one week to completely recover after surgery.

360 liposuction is a safe procedure but it may cause temporary swelling in the treated areas.

If not 360 liposuction, you can opt for the traditional liposuction method or cool sculpting in which fat cells of the targeted area are cooled down into crystal form. Then they eventually shatter and flush out of the body.

The word 360 refers to removing more than one region for fat removal from the body. These regions may include the flanks, abdomen, the whole torso area, back, and other regions to achieve body transformation.

The best practices for quicker and more effective fat reduction are: 

  • Going for a walk every day
  • Intake of fruits and vegetable 
  • Drinking plenty of water 
  • Observing post-surgery instructions provided by the doctor

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