Prof. Dr. Cemal Asım Kutlu

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A leading oncologist in Turkey with extensive experience of 30+ years, Prof. Dr. Cemal Asim Kutlu has made substantial contributions to the field of medicine and conducted research in multiple fields of lung transplantation. Besides completing his Medical School at Istanbul University of Faculty Medicine in 1985. He started his medical career in 1986 at Salda Health Center in Burdur. From 1987 to 1991 he became the Assistant at Yedikule Thoracic Surgery Center, in 1990 he had the opportunity to be a Visiting Physician at the Mayo Clinic, Department of Heart-Lung Transplantation. While with continued growth and success he has been the Head of the Thoracic Surgery Department at YeniYüzyıl University GOP Hospital since 2016. He also received many awards in thoracic surgery, where in 1997 received the first award of Young Investigator at the 8th Conference of Lung Cancer in Dubai, the Best Presentation Award at Baysal University Faculty of Medicine, German Society of Thoracic Surgery's Transportation Award 20. European Conference on Thoracic Surgery at Germany, Best Oral Presentation 16, Thoracic Surgery Award 35th TUSAD Congress İzmir.

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1979 - 1985 - Istanbul University                 
Istanbul Faculty of Medicine


2016 - Present - YeniYüzyıl University GOP Hospital, Head of Thoracic Surgery Department
2012 - 2015 - Kartal-Koşuyolu High Specialization, Training and Research Hospital, Thoracic Surgery Clinic Education Supervisor, Lung Transplant Program Director
2007 - 2011 - Süreyyapasa GHH Thoracic Surgery Clinic Chief, Lung Transplant Program Director
2005 - 2011 - Süreyyapasa GHH Thoracic Surgery Clinic Chief  
2001 - 2004 - Yedikule Thoracic Surgery Center Deputy Chief           
2000 - 2001 - Royal Brompton Hospital Specialist Registrar (General Medical Council No. .: 5184328)
1998 - 1999 - Yedikule Thoracic Surgery Center Chief Resident
1996 - 1997 - Royal Brompton Hospital Research Physician
1993 - 1995 - Yedikule Thoracic Surgery Center Chief Resident
1992 - Diyarbakır Military Hospital Thoracic Surgery Specialist
1990 (3 months) - Mayo Clinic, Cardiac Surgery Specialist Lung Transplantation Department, Visiting Physician
1987 - 1991 - Yedikule Thoracic Surgery Center Assistant
1986 - Salda Health Center Burdur, Compulsory Service

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