Medical Park Antalya

Medical Park Antalya Hospital Complex drives on the mission of “Health for all”. Having 84 outpatient clinic rooms, 228 beds out of which 39 are the heart hospital, 73 intensive care units, 10 coronary intensive care units, 7 CVC intensive care units, 22 general intensive care units, and 34 neonatal intensive care units, the facility is providing exceptional services in 33 of its medical branches.

This healthcare facility is a preferred organ transplantation center as internationally respected academicians are in direct affiliation with it. From modern diagnostic techniques to the use of high-tech devices like LINAC, the workforce is proficient in dealing with a huge flow of patients on an everyday basis. It also has an aviation medical center where aviation members, especially pilots visit for their medical checkups. Medical Park Antalya is an international arena known for providing optimum care not only in Antalya but also across the borders.

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