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Dental Bridge Turkey- Cost-Types

Falling flat on your face is the worst thing that can happen to you, especially if the impact is on the teeth. Losing a tooth in adulthood is the worst nightmare because you can’t grow it back. It is even worse when your tooth gets damaged from the root, and it is nearly impossible to get an artificial tooth. However, if something like this has happened, you don’t have to worry because a dental bridge in Turkey is the next best solution. It is the practical treatment method that makes up for missing teeth in a short time.

A dental implant is a lengthy procedure that can cost an arm and a leg. However, a dental bridge is the best solution to deliver quick results without causing financial constraints. To add uniformity, the dentist attaches a bridge of artificial zirconium or porcelain teeth on either side of the gap. You can get complete mouth restoration and effective treatments in Turkey at a very affordable cost. If you want to know more about dental bridges and how they work, read further! Enjoy the best experience at an affordable price.

Why Is Getting a Dental Bridge in Turkey a Good Idea?

Getting a dental bridge in Turkey is the best thing you can do if you want the best experience and save your hard-earned money. If you need to learn why Turkey specializes in teeth, we are here to spill the beans. Here are a few reasons why Turkey is the best in the dentistry field:

  • Maximum Affordability

Dental bridge treatment in Turkey is the best option, especially if you are running low on budget. Only some have thousands of dollars in spare for their dental treatments. If you want to get dental bridge treatment at a highly affordable cost, we suggest you contact your treatment provider in Turkey.

Turkey is number one regarding dental treatments and is progressing with technological evolution. You can find the most recent therapies and technologies in Turkey. You can get the best treatments at an affordable price due to the low cost of living. Even though you pay a fraction of the price, the experience is top-notch. Take advantage of the opportunity to get your teeth done at an exceptionally low price.

  • No Compromise on the Experience

Turkey is known for its experience, expertise, and exceptional hospitality. Over the years, Turkey has built a name by providing outstanding value to customers traveling yearly for dental treatments. Apart from affordability being the prime reason for Turkey’s dentistry popularity, experience is also one of the reasons. If you want an exceptional experience where you can maintain results, come to Turkey.

Turkey has world-class clinics with exceptional technology that provide an experience you will remember for decades. The hospitality, the food, the extraordinary history, and the beautiful sites make your experience worth a million bucks.

  • Unbeatable Hospitality

They say nobody does hospitality like the Turks do! People who have been to Turkey will agree that Turkish people have a way of making you feel special. Even walking on the streets, you will find kind and generous people always offering you the best time.

On the other hand, the professionals in Turkey go above and beyond to give you the results you seek. Most people have dental anxiety, making them feel intimidated when getting treatments. However, Turkish professionals know the art of mingling with their patients and making them feel at ease.

  • Extensive Aftercare and Customer Support

Some clinics across the world charge extra money for customer support and aftercare. However, clinics in Turkey provide full support without charging extra. If you have any queries, you can contact the clinic to resolve them. The helpline is always working, and a professional is always available to provide immediate support.

While you might return to your country after the treatment, you can still contact the clinic for aftercare support. The dentist’s job is not done after you get your medicine; they provide unconditional support afterward. Turkey’s dentists ensure you are delighted, from post-treatment medications to checking up on you.

  • All-Inclusive Deals

All-inclusive deals are life savers, and nobody provides exceptional packages like Turkey. Getting aesthetic and dental procedures in Turkey feels like a walk in the park. If you want to avoid the hassle of booking hotels and transport, get a dental bridge in Turkey.

All-inclusive deals are relatively affordable and quite convenient. Your clinic can handle everything, including hotel bookings and transportation. You can book a five-star hotel, too, at an affordable rate. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about your airport transfers and commute to the clinic.

Who Is the Best Candidate for Dental Bridges?

Who Is the Best Candidate for Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are always good if you have a broken or missing tooth. However, only some people know who can get dental bridges, giving them false expectations. Here are some of the best candidates for dental bridge:

  • Tooth Damage or Tooth Decay

An unfortunate accident can make you lose your teeth, and if the tooth damage is near the root, getting an artificial tooth is nearly impossible. On the other hand, if you are poor at taking care of your teeth, the tar and bacterial infection can cause tooth decay.

In both conditions, a dental bridge is the best option as it helps in providing immediate results without costing much. On the other hand, people with missing teeth can also opt for dental bridges as they help align their teeth and make their smiles more aesthetic. Dental bridges are the best and fastest solution if you have healthy teeth on either side of the damaged tooth.

  • Good Oral Health

If you have a missing tooth and dental bridge is the option you are considering, make sure your oral hygiene is in check. You can only get a dental bridge if oral hygiene is good enough. You have to ensure you have no cavities, especially around the missing tooth, so that you experience no difficulty.

On the other hand, you should get a thorough dental checkup to look for any cavities or decay you might have. It helps tackle minor problems before you move to the more significant step. Dental bridges are best to have when your oral hygiene is in check.

  • Healthy Supporting Teeth

Everyone wishes to have a bright smile without missing teeth, making them insecure. However, the missing tooth issue is resolvable if you have healthy supporting teeth. The teeth surrounding the missing tooth should be healthy with no decay or tar.

Treat the surrounding teeth with decay or tar before heading toward dental bridges. You are the best candidate if your oral hygiene is in check and your teeth are healthy. A dental bridge might not be a great option if there are better options than having more than

Types of Dental Bridges You Can Get!

Types of Dental Bridges You Can Get!

Dental bridges are of varying kinds, and you must choose one that best suits your condition and budget. Let’s have a look at some types of dental bridge treatment in Turkey:

Cantilever Dental Bridge

The cantilever dental bridges are standard, and most people prefer this type. It is a type where there is only one healthy supporting tooth around the cavity. The dentist must shave the supporting tooth to add a dental veneer in such cases. Mostly, people choose metal porcelain veneer as it is affordable and has excellent longevity.

Implant Dental Bridge

The implant dental bridge is the perfect solution for people with no natural teeth to support dental bridges. In such cases, dentists suggest placing a few dental implants to support the dental bridge. This procedure is costly but the only solution for people with no teeth left.

Maryland Dental Bridge

Maryland Dental Bridge is ideal for people who lost their front teeth in an accident. It is the best solution because you don’t have to sacrifice the adjacent tooth. There is no need to shave the adjoining tooth.

Dentists apply an acid to roughen the adjacent tooth and place the bridge. The fake tooth gets support from the adjacent tooth; however, the chances of Maryland dental bridge survival are low. It can come off too quickly if you apply pressure on it.

Traditional Dental Bridge

A traditional dental bridge is one of the most popular ones. Dentists must shave the adjacent teeth a little to fix dental veneers. These are the most durable dental bridges that last through harsh conditions. Most people who have healthy adjacent teeth opt for this option.

What Are the Advantages of Dental Bridge?

What Are the Advantages of Dental Bridge?

People only realize the many advantages of getting dental bridges once they get them. Here are some of the benefits of getting a dental bridge in Turkey:

  • Feel More Confident

There are a lot of your physical features that can make you feel insecure. However, teeth are one of the biggest insecurities people have. A damaged or missing tooth can stop you from smiling widely and expressing yourself. However, you can feel more confident if you fix your smile, which helps you be more expressive.

  • Have a Perfect Smile

One of the things that make you effortlessly beautiful is your smile. Hence, you shouldn’t let the chance of fixing your smile slip away, especially if you have broken and crooked teeth. Restoring your smile by getting dental bridges will only make your smile more appealing.

  • Less Expensive and Faster

Dental implants are expensive; hence, most people don’t opt for them. Opt for dental bridges if you want a less expensive way of getting an aesthetic smile. Dental bridges take a little time, and you can get a perfect smile in no time.

  • Great Longevity

Dental bridges are perfect if you are looking for a long-term solution for a missing tooth. Porcelain and veneers do not have a high longevity; hence, there’s always a risk. However, a dental bridge is a much better option if you are looking for a nearly permanent solution.

What Does the Dental Bridge Procedure Look Like?

The cost of dental bridge installation in Turkey is relatively inexpensive, considering the spiking cost of dentistry worldwide. The dental bridge in Turkey costs $400-$450 for three teeth. The prices increase or become more affordable depending on the type of dental bridge you opt for. If you require a full-mouth restoration, the dental bridge will cost you around $ 4,500. The price can vary depending on the city and clinic you go to.

How do you take care of dental bridges to make them last long?

People with dental bridges must care more for their teeth to make them last longer. Here are some tips to take care of your dental bridges and make them last long:

  • Don’t exert much pressure on your dental bridge when eating solid foods.
  •  Brush your teeth thoroughly in the morning and night to remove stuck food.
  • Always floss gently around the dental bridge and avoid tugging.
  • Use warm salt water to gargle, which helps eliminate bacteria and discomfort.

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